Take a stroll in our virtual gallery and sneak peak into some of our favourite art work. Enjoy our paintings, illustrations, wood work, wall paintings, etc.


We are a group of individuals who like working both alone and together! We inspire and support each other on our creative journeys. We like to try out new things, finding and inventing new and unconventional tools, paths and structures!


We like to work with paints & pigments, wood & metal, clay & glass, paper, wool & yarn - just to name some of our crafty tools. From paintings, over decorative objects and clothing to tree houses - crafting is our passion, can you tell? ;)


We like to keep our privacy private, so don't be mad if it's hard to find a way to contact us.

We still haven't gotten around to enabling the email address, but...

You could try using book and face, just gave you a hint - ha!