Our services

There is a whole range of services we can provide from various materials. We like to work with paints & pigments, wood & metal, clay & glass, paper, wool & yarn - just to name some of our crafty tools. From paintings, over decorative objects and clothing to tree houses - crafting is our passion, can you tell? ;)

Visualize an idea

Who ever said it was bad to dream? Just go for it :)

Louder than thoughts

Imagine artwork that can break your thought loop

Building Planning

Sometimes we plan - sometimes we go with the flow and build a tiny strawbale house from scratch (and strawbale)

We value our value

And try to teach others to value themselves no matter what they do

Matrix isn't just a movie

We use the universe matrix to manifest our true life purpose

Solution is just a game

Sometimes solution is the process itself rather than the outcome

Fairy housing models

Thinking small can be just as challenging as thinking big

Repurpose is everything

Clothes, sheets, floors, anything can be repurposed and put to good use

Brainstorming rules

And helps in finding new ideas for the next big (or small) project


We like to keep our privacy private, so don't be mad if it's hard to find a way to contact us.

We still haven't gotten around to enabling the email address, but...

You could try using book and face, just gave you a hint - ha!